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Using Nanny Agencies to Find the Right Caregiver

Choosing a childcare provider can be a trying and stressful experience; and although not every family is faced with this decision, for those who are, it is one of the most important decisions that has to be made. With both Mom and Dad working full-time it has become...
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How to Encourage and Support a Family Caregiver

Taking on the role of caregiver for a family member can be as rewarding as it is overwhelming. Caregivers can become so consumed with trying to meet the needs of the loved one in their care that they are unable to take care of themselves and meet their own basic...
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How to Care for the Caregiver

Caring is Caring If you are either a professional caregiver, or a family member who provides full time, or part time care and assistance for a person who is disabled, elderly, or perhaps suffers from memory loss or confusion your wellbeing, both mentally and...
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Senior Caregivers: It’s More Than Caregiving

You Need a Friend Hiring or selecting a caregiver for a loved one is tough. There are so many choices; which one to pick? Does one hire a friend of a friend or go through an agency? The important factor to remember amidst the pricing, the reputation, and the names is...
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Advice for Caregivers

Some Friendly Advice I was my mother's caregiver for nearly four years before she died. She had been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer affecting the bone marrow, in addition to kidney failure. It was very difficult and heart wrenching to watch her go from...
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Who We Are – Home Care in South Florida

On this site I’ve appended some respite care resources for your perusal. May God bless your labor of love.

This is our mission. This is our goal.

Involve the person you are caring for in your own renewal. One of the most difficult things for a disabled person is often the knowledge that they are causing someone a great deal of work. Ask them to be part of the process. Once a mentally impaired disabled person understands that you have needs to, they often become eager to help. Let them minister to your needs as well. Besides helping them to do as much as possible for themselves, you are giving them a sense of giving back. No one likes to feel he’s a burden others. It is very depressing and distressing. Allow him to give back in ways that are doable for him.

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